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Duration: 8 hours

Tour Pisa

Usually known as the city of the leaning tower, the peculiarity of this building has made Pisa worldwide famous but there are many other reason to visit this city.
The tower of Pisa is the bell of the cathedral located in Piazza dei Miracoli. The multi layers shaped tower  is leaning on one side  and  built one 207 which reach the height of 60 metres.
The tower which has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987, was selected within the seven Wonders of the Modern World. Started to built in 1177 the tower was terminated 300 years later. The leaning shape hails from the land subsidence, already happened at the time of its construction. A few years ago it has been renovated and made ​​safe.
In addition to the leaning tower, in Piazza dei Miracoli is located also the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, the Battistero di San Giovanni and the Camposanto Monumentale.

Tour Lucca

A monumental city still surrounded by the ancient walls, which incorporate priceless treasures. The best way to appreciate Lucca is go up on its powerful walls and towers such as the Torre Giuntini or climbing the 207 steps of the highest Torre delle Ore. From both points you will enjoy a magnificent view of the whole Tuscan city and it will be easy for you admiring the well-preserved ancient urban structure of the city wanted by the Romans.
Piazza dell’Anfiteatro takes this name from how the square was utilized in the past as a theatre. This is today one of the most beautiful Italian squares.
The Chiesa di San Michele also known as the Forum, was built in the place where were the centre of the ancient Lucca. As all the Roman cities that has been constructed on “decuman axis”, the two main streets of the shopping Via Fillungo and San Paolino take the roman structure.
Lucca is a safe and friendly town with excellent food and surrounded by stunning countryside landscapes. If you are in Tuscany is a city not to be missed!

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